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James T. Kirk
03 March 2022 @ 02:10 am

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James T. Kirk
27 August 2010 @ 12:29 pm
James T. Kirk
Let it be said that Jim Kirk never went down without a fight.

Granted, it was not a good idea to piss off the biggest guy in his hand-to-hand combat class. It really, truly wasn't. Jim Kirk, however, was the type to do just that -- and Cadet McKinley was asking for it. He hadn't even hesitated, during their session Jim took a cheap shot and punched him in the stomach -- only to have his head pulled up by his hair and a solid fist connecting with his side. He'd said something smart and probably funny enough to have the rest of the class laughing, but that hadn't stopped one of McKinley's friends from joining in on the fight, Jim's vision knocked sideways by a right hook to the temple.

He'd given it all he had, fought with all of his might, but at the end of it he was doubled over in pain, coughing up something that didn't taste like it was supposed to be there, and his head was swimming. He barely remembered anything else but a man over him, blurry mutters of "Medical? Take him to -- they'll know what -- " before he passed out.
James T. Kirk
13 July 2010 @ 01:00 am
I'm rebooting my Jim muse for dirtyvegasrp and any other roleplays he may be in. Starting fresh, starting anew -- I'll be playing him more often in sixwordstories and smuttysws as well. :) His canon verse will be his normal self, approximately a year into the five year mission.

Alternatively, I will still play him as his married self in particular verses(HERE) with get_me_a_drink, but I no longer consider his canon verse to be married to him. I'll be privating nearly every entry from past roleplays, so if you would like to be privy to any particular posts, let me know. :D I'll keep his friends list the same.
James T. Kirk
23 December 2009 @ 12:32 am
Done for a certain verse in which I'll be playing the role of Jim in, along with get_me_a_drink and christinechapel. He starts off returning to the Enterprise after three months of missing, three months that were lost from his memory. This is the start of what has happened in this missing time, and an explanation for a few things he will soon start to remember.

WARNING: This is very, very dark, and involves torture.

It was dark.Collapse )
James T. Kirk
20 November 2009 @ 11:55 pm
That had ended up being far easier than Kirk had expected. A question postulated, and two seemingly eager officers ready and willing to agree with him. One he'd had in a matter of sorts - as much as a few rushed handjobs on Gamma shift and a brief practice with blowing men that Kirk had apparently needed work on could really classify as having had. But he was familiar with Sulu.

Chekov was a different story, but he'd grown to know the kid over the past couple of months aboard the Enterprise. Smart, confident, and -- oddly enough similar to Kirk's own personality in bravado and stubbornness. Kirk really just couldn't deny wanting them both.

At the same time.

He sent out a message on his PADD, hoping they would respond.

James T. Kirk
19 October 2009 @ 01:26 pm
I've been having some trouble with Kirk's characterization lately. :P So I figure I'll open this up to you guys, and see if I can get back into the swing of things.

Leave a comment with one of four choices:

A kiss on the forehead.
A kiss on the hand.
A kiss on the neck.
A kiss on the lips.

Once you leave a comment with your choice, I’ll write you something with our characters and your request.
James T. Kirk
17 August 2009 @ 05:33 am
General Information

Name: James T. Kirk
Nicknames: Jim
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Planet of Birth: Born on Shuttle 23 en route to Riverside, Iowa - Earth
Rank: Captain
Department: Command


Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Blond
Face & Complexion: He has a prominent bone structure that reminds many of his father, but his blonde hair and blue eyes are all Winona. He tans easy in the sun, and more often than not has a farmer's boy tan from the hot sun in California or back in Iowa.
Build: He's small in comparison to most men, but strong and solidly-built with a long torso and softly sculpted musculature.


Eyesight: Slightly far-sighted. Allergic to Retinax V, conventional method of eyesight repair.
Hearing: Excellent.
Physical Health: Excellent.
General Dexterity: Excellent.
Handicaps: Unfortunately for Kirk, he has a relatively sensitive composition. He is allergic to many various simple medications used to treat diseases, however, luckily, he has a rather healthy immune system and recovers quickly.


General: Kirk is nothing if not a presence to be reckoned with. Self-assured and confident, he walks with a certain swagger that immediately draws attention, whether it be positive or negative. He is bold, brash, and easily entertained, and can be rather loud when he needs to be. He is friendly and enjoys meeting new people, but rarely discloses too much personal information. Instead, he likes to direct the conversation in on someone else, and can be a bit too nosy for his own good. He has somewhat of a negative reputation as a womanizer and a skirt-chasing flirt, which he admits regrettably as true -- however, he is also an easy-going, carefree, no-strings-attached kind of lover that enjoys sex with anyone and everyone. He is easily worked up, but almost just as easily calmed down, and flexible in his command.
Goals/Dreams: He'd like to be an Admiral someday, but for the moment -- he's got everything he's ever dreamed of and more. Right now, he's focused on trying to be the best Captain he can be -- and the Captain that everyone expects him to be.
Quirks/Habits: Kirk is incredibly tactile, and tends to pat people on the shoulder or drape an arm around their shoulders. He's good at lying with a straight face, and is actually quite more intelligent than he comes off to be at first. He collects paper books and enjoys chess and Earth History.
First Impression: The first thing that one notices about Kirk is his charm. He's a smooth talking young man, cocky and a little overly self-confident for his own good. He's also incredibly passionate about things that he cares about, and can talk at length about certain subjects. Kirk has a tendency to come off less intelligent than he really is, and does this for his own gain -- he really is a genius in his own right, specifically with strategy and tactics.


Education: Graduate of Starfleet Academy; High school diploma
Parents: George Kirk and Winona Kirk. Uncle: Frank Henke.
Siblings: George Samuel Kirk(Sam)
Personal History: Kirk was born merely minutes before his father died saving eight hundred lives aboard the USS Kelvin. His mother took the death hard, and suffered post-partum depression after her son was born, gaining help from her sister and raising both an infant James and a three year old Sam while simultaneously performing Engineering tasks for Starfleet. While she was easily able to work at the Riverside Shipyard, she never had been comfortable staying on Earth long, and often was gone for long periods of time.

James and Sam grew up together and were close, especially when their mother brought them to live with their uncle, Frank. Frank was an abusive, frightening man when Winona was off planet -- especially when he drank -- and Sam suffered the brunt of most of the man's rage. At age thirteen, Sam promised Jim that they would get out of under Frank's roof, and promised Jim that he would come back for him, going to live with Jim's aunt on the Terran colony of Tarsus IV.

This was when an eleven year old James T. Kirk threw a 1966 classic Corvette over the cliff, an act of anger and frustration at Frank, the man who made his brother go away. Police involvement was minimal, and discipline was left at Frank's hands -- a bad idea, because hours later Jim was brought to a hospital in the Riverside area with a broken collarbone, two broken ribs, and a wound on his left side inflicted by broken glass. Winona swooped in to take Jim away, and both boys were stationed at Tarsus, under the watchful eye of his aunt.

The events that happened at Tarsus IV when Kirk was thirteen brought about a certain facet of his personality, one in which he tends to be quieter than he would normally about his intelligence. The witnessing of Kodos murdering half of the colonists in order to save the rest of them was scarring in and of itself, and James T. Kirk is one of only nine who happened to witness the murders. Thankfully, a Vulcan ambassador was part of the delayed rescue crew who finally returned Jim back home -- a man who was all too willing to use a mental block to erase some of the trauma from Jim's mind.

Everything that has happened in his childhood is strangely absent from his records at Starfleet. Kirk is nothing if not afraid that something may come up which Starfleet will be happy to provide references that he is not stable enough to perform his duties and command, but with the information withheld, they cannot say anything in particular happened. There are few things that people would actually know about Kirk's childhood -- everyone knows about George Kirk's heroicism, and many of them know about Kirk pushing a car off a cliff. Few actually know about Frank or Tarsus IV, Kirk would like to keep it that way.


Friends: Leonard "Bones" McCoy -- Kirk's academy friend, drinking companion, and all around highest confidante.
Spock -- Kirk's first officer and someone he is slowly growing closer, despite poor first impressions.
Others to come shortly.
Enemies/Rivals: TBA


Sexual Preference: Fluid.
Past Relationships: Gaila -- ended rather abruptly before Nero's attack, the two remain slightly awkward, but there are no severely negative feelings.
Uhura -- unrequited flirtations
Present Relationships: None
Planned Relationships: TBA

OOC Information:

Player: Mandii
Played By: Chris Pine